Children’s Dentistry


Children's dentist

Our friendly medical team provides the full range of care for children. Today pediatric dentistry is an important step for the subsequent growth of healthy teeth for their lifetime. Prevention, treatment and instruction in good oral healthcare by our team is a step in the right direction.

Family time

Take a break while qualified personnel look after your kids.
You can sit in with them or relax with a magazine in the reception area. There is a children’s corner with toys and TV.
Let us all look forward to the visit.
We try to provide a safe and child-friendly environment.

We listen to children

We create an environment in which children know their concerns will be listened to and taken seriously.

This can be communicated to the child by asking for their views when discussing things and dental treatment options, seeking their consent in addition to parental consent.
We involve the child when asking for feedback about anything.
We listen carefully and take them seriously if they make any comment.

Care for children: the most important care, our children are the future.

Our families are fundamental to who we become as adults. With health this often comes back to what happens while we are growing up. This is why it is important we think about our children and their health and dental health as well.

Children's Dentistry



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Czech public health insurance companies only cover a limited amount of dental services. We do not have a contract with any local health insurance company.


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