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Dental care for the whole family in Prague 5

Our services include restorative dentistry, crown and bridge, implants, dentures and children’s dentistry. We use only the best equipment and materials. We strive to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible. New patients are welcome!



Do you have toothache? Book an appointment! We have the latest diagnostic tools to discover the cause and effectively and gently eradicate it


We gently and successfully treat adults and children who are afraid of dentists ( dental phobia ).

Broken tooth

There are various causes of broken teeth such as dental decay, large fillings and trauma. We will find the best and quickest solution.


Periodontitis or gum disease can sometimes present in children or youths. However, it is most commonly seen in adults.

Crooked teeth

There are various causes of misaligned teeth. Crooked teeth can be straightened into optimum occlusion or bite using braces or crowns.

Dental decay

Dental decay is caused by bacteria which are present in plaque in the oral cavity. We gently and painlessly remove the decayed tooth substance and replace it with an esthetic filling.

Stained teeth

Stains are caused by pigment from consumed food or drink, smoking, decay, trauma or treatment with certain antibiotics during childhood. Stains can be removed by professional dental hygiene, bleaching ( teeth whitening ) or white composite fillings.

Missing teeth

Whatever the causes of your missing teeth, we will replace them before your occlusion ( bite ) changes due to movement of neighbouring teeth. The most common solution is an implant or a bridge.

Complete initial checkup

1.500 CZK

Complete initial checkup using Diagnodent pen, includes intraoral Xrays

Initial checkup – child

600 - 800 CZK

By age

White composite filling

1.500 - 2.800 CZK

PFM ( porcelain fused to metal) crown

9.000 CZK

Ceramic crown

10.000 - 12.000 CZK

Implant supported crown

16.000 - 25.000 CZK

Each patient receives a complex treatment plan after the initial checkup. All prices include topical and local anesthetic.

Dental hygiene  prices


Cash or payment card ( Visa, Mastercard ). In certain cases bank transfer is possible.


Czech public health insurance companies only cover a limited amount of dental services. We do not have a contract with any local health insurance company.


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